phigolf tournament free of charge?

Is participation in the phigolf tournament free of charge?

how can I participate?
Rocco Rocco · 2023-11-17 06:20 · Views 34
2023-11-17 06:20


Anyone can participate in the Phigolf Tournament, and it is free of charge.

Here's how to participate

1) Run the Phigolf application.
2) Interwork the sensor with the application
3) Choose Online Games > Tournament
4) Select the tournament where the host is a Phigolf and select view details. After that, you can participate in the tournament by pressing join.

We offer various prizes depending on the results of the tournament, so please refer to the EVENT menu.

Thank you.

2023-11-17 06:20

I also participate in every tournament, and it was nice to have fun playing with phigolf users all over the world.

however, a lot of practice is required for a high rank.

2023-11-17 06:20

I participated in speed golf this time, and it was very difficult even though I played only three holes.

eventually, I played golf while running to the last hole, and I felt that the speed golfers were amazing.

but it was an interesting experience.

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