I want to connect phigolf to my tv

I want to connect phigolf to my TV.

guide me through the process, I'll follow them.

thank you.
houji57 houji57 · 2023-11-14 08:46 · Views 1700
2023-11-14 08:46


Here is how you can connect to the TV:

  • For Regular TV

To connect to a regular TV, you need to purchase a mirroring cable separately and connect your smart device to the TV using it.

  • For Smart TV

To connect to a smart TV, use the wireless mirroring feature to link your TV and smart device.

However, wireless connections may be unstable and result in interruptions, so if possible, I recommend using a mirroring cable for a more stable connection.

And, Connecting the phigolf application to a Smart TV wirelessly varies depending on the manufacturer, so please contact the customer support of your TV manufacturer for specific instructions on the connection method.

Thank you.

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