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#Phigolf Usage Guide
Phigolf is available for download on Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store).
You can also download it from the bottom of the Phigolf homepage main page using the QR code.
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#Phigolf Usage Guide
1) First-time user
1. Download the Phigolf application.
2. Activate the Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone (or tablet PC).
3. Launch the Phigolf application and complete the sign-up process.
4. During the tutorial, activate the sensor, which should have been charged for approximately 2 hours prior, and pair it with the application.
5. Ensure you have ample swinging space and verify that there are no individuals or obstacles nearby before following the tutorial's swinging instructions.
6. Once the tutorial concludes, navigate to the main screen.
7. Select and enjoy your preferred game from the main screen.

2) Returning user
1. Turn on the Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone (or tablet PC).
(When Bluetooth is activated, the Phigolf sensor may appear in the list, but please disregard it.)
2. Once you've powered on the sensor, open the Phigolf application.
3. Play the desired game on the main screen.
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#Phigolf Usage Guide
How to set up a user ID

Select email sign-up, enter your email address, password, and nickname, then choose the server to register.
You can sign up by choosing your Google or Facebook account if you have one.
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#Phigolf Usage Guide
Where can I choose the server?

"Choose from global or Chinese servers."
All countries except China should choose the global server.
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#Phigolf Usage Guide
Password forgotten?
If you've forgotten your password, contact our support team at info@phigolf.com with the email used for sign-up, and we'll assist you further.
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#Phigolf Usage Guide
Wireless : You can wirelessly connect using the Smart View and Miracast functions.
Wired : You can mirror by connecting the mirroring cable (HDMI to USB Type-C) to the TV and selecting external input.
"For detailed mirroring instructions, contact the manufacturer of your smart device or the mirroring cable for precise guidance. "

Wireless : Wirelessly connect to AirPlay-supported Smart TVs.
Wired : You can wire your TV to the Apple Digital AV Adapter for a direct connection.
"For detailed mirroring instructions, reach out directly to the manufacturer of your smart device or the mirroring cable for accurate guidance. "
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