Hello, I play golf quite a bit and had my swing measured on track-man and my club path tends to be in to out (+ degrees). When I use Phigolf 2, the club path is always out to in (- degrees), over the top type swing. Even when I exaggerate an in to out swing, club path is still slightly negative. Does anyone have any advice on what to do to have a more positive club path? Other than this issue, I quite like Phigolf 2 product! Thanks Dave.
dave44 dave44 · 2023-12-27 16:29 · Views 616
2023-12-27 16:29


Phigolf's sensor recognizes all swing information with just one sensor mounted on the end of the club grip, determining that the ball consistently hits the center of the club's head face.

As a result, the swing outcomes may differ from those obtained by expensive launch monitors utilizing high-speed cameras or infrared sensors.

This phenomenon is particularly noticeable when employing a full swing with a high head speed or a swing style that involves extensive wrist movement.

Therefore, consider experimenting with a reduced head speed or minimizing wrist movement during your swing.

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Thank you.

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