Phigolf Update

When will PhiGolf be receiving any sort of update - app, software, or equipment?

It feels like there hasn’t been an update to the app in quite some time, and some quality of life changes between the sensor’s button and the app would be nice. For example, pressing the button to exit the stats screen to swing again, rather than touching your phone in between every swing. Also excited to hear about a PhiGolf 3 release that includes app and quality of life updates!
Coop Coop · 2024-01-09 01:24 · Views 651
2024-01-09 01:24


Thank you sincerely for sharing your valuable feedback about Phigolf.
Various suggestions to enhance the app functionalities are always greatly appreciated by us. Any feedback on button usage or UI improvements will be actively reviewed and forwarded to the relevant department.

We cannot provide specific timelines or plans due to the time involved in development. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

Please continue to show your interest in Phigolf and Phigolf 2.
Thank you.

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