Is it worth to pay the subscription for the extra courses?

Im pretty new with this but absolutely love it. My question is it worth paying the subscription fee for other courses and the other apps we can access? Thanks for any help.
Ducksfan Ducksfan · 2024-03-19 18:02 · Views 267
2024-03-19 18:02

Hello Ducksfan,

I am also fresh with PhiGolf - since last x-mas. I have asked the same question for myself.

I am a golfer and have a WGT account (Android) since some years - I recognized the PhiGolf utility button in the settings.

Thats why the PhiGolf found the way to me. 🙂

Unfortunately there is only Wolf´s Creek playable with Phi for free at WGT.

I have ordered the full course set for $1,99 per month. Honestly I have to say, that I play it much to less. The Phi-App is installed on my tablet, the tablet is connected to the TV-Screen. Its an awesome expierience, WGT has an absolut realistic graphic, you are able to count the sand grains in the bunker.

My personal opinion: yes, it is worth.
I have shown it a to golf buddy - the facial expression- unpayable!

I hope, I was able to give you a little help.

Best regards from Germany,

see you on the course.

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