What are the differences between phigolf original and phigolf2?

What are the differences between phigolf original and phigolf 2?

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The key differences between phigolf Original version and phigolf 2 are as follows. Please take note:


1.Improved Swing Stability:

phigolf 2 features a [Stopper] designed at the bottom of the mounting pin to minimize sensor wobbling during swings, enhancing motion measurement stability.


2. Bluetooth 5.0 Support:

phigolf2 supports Bluetooth version 5.0, ensuring more stable and faster sensor connectivity and charging.


3.Enhanced Charging Port:

The charging port has been changed to a USB Type-C, with added protection circuits, effectively addressing battery malfunctions.


4. Reinforced Mounting:

phigolf2 is designed to reinforce the mounting area to prevent sensor damage during swings.


5. Improved Durability and Safety:

The practice stick's shaft has been changed to steel material to enhance durability and safety. The overall length and weight distribution have been improved to closely replicate the feel and swing of an actual golf club.


6. Free Access to Premium HD Courses:

phigolf2 offers free access to premium HD courses. (Note that existing phigolf1 users may incur a separate subscription fee.)


Through these upgrades, phigolf 2 delivers improved functionality in various aspects, including sensor stability, connectivity, charging speed, durability, and course accessibility.

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